You Said It

“YUMMY! I moved to Florida 20 years ago – and whenever relatives come to visit, I BEG them to bring me sticky buns. Day old, and STILL the BEST. You really need to do mail-order… I would love a buttercake.”

 ~ Leisa Bilyeu ~ 

“These are awesome. The walnuts are big and whole. The bun is tasty. You have to try them. Next time I’m going to try the walnut and raisin. They look good.”

 ~ Jennifer Santucci ~ 

“These are excellent… I drive from the Bethlehem/Easton area to get these sticky buns… everything is great!!!”

 ~ Dolores Partyka ~ 

“I could eat a small buttercake all by myself. I absolutely love the taste and texture. To die for!”

 ~ Ryan Thompson ~ 

“Your buttercakes are the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!”

 ~ Stevie Bartholomai ~ 

“The BEST stickybuns I’ve ever tasted. Want to eat them every day. Congratulations on the BEST.”

 ~ Addie Urban ~ 

“The Carmel Walnut Apple Pie is the BEST IN THE WORLD. No other pie can compete with it.”

 ~ Linda McFadden ~ 

“The Pumpkin Pie from Fritz’s is the BEST pumpkin pie I’ve ever had!!! DELICIOUS!!!”

 ~ Kelly Cutchineal ~